• Regarding The Orchestra in general
  • I clapped so hard that my smart watch thought that I had fallen down and sent out an emergency message.

    Thank you very much for organising such a great evening's entertainment, and for persuading me to come along. It was a treat from beginning to end. I had no idea what to expect and even brought my earplugs with me, but was not tempted to take them out of my pocket.

    Gripping my attention right from the start.

    The ladies played with great feeling. Great venue! I didn't know the accordion could be so versatile.

    Lots of variety and intersections versions, and lots to tap the toes to. you lot are definitely "The No 1" :)

    Wonderful concert thank you! And the lemon drizzle cake was lovely!

    You were great. So much work put into everything. And a super range of tunes.

    It was a great evening. Thank you all for sharing your amazing talents.

    Such a fantastic night. We'll definitely come to see you again.

    An excellent concert, and it was great to see, hear and meet you ladies who were in a word 'wonderful'. The cakes were rather good too!

    I've been to the Hollywood Bowl, I've been everywhere but that was truly wonderful

    It was wonderful and so uplifting. Thanks ladies for your musicality and talent.
    When I get miserable I am going to watch your video to cheer myself up........and maybe a glass of wine too!


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